Meet the Cast and Crew

Sarah Cantrill BSc Hons, FRSA


Role in the Show: Piggy Bricks


Other jobs with Story Storks 

Artistic Director & Founder, Writer, Composer, Set Builder, Choreographer, Costumier, Marketeer and tea lady. 

With a background in Theatre in Education, stand up comedy and sketch comedy, I was never going to do a normal job!  I started Story Storks & Co. back in 2011, just over a year after becoming a mum for the first time (I now have two little piggies of my own!)  There is nothing I love more than storytelling – the bigger the audience the better! 


This year, I'll be asking Father Christmas for some super shiny pedals for my bike.  Hopefully, they'll make me ride even faster!

Rachel Cash


Role in the Show: Piggy Straw


Other jobs with Story Storks 

Puppetry Director and maker

I came to Kingston to train at Kingston College as an actor, and loved it so much I decided to stay.  I founded a theatre company called 'Captcha Theatre', and recently featured in 'Horrible Histories' on CBBC.  I love working with Sarah from Story Storks (she literally recruited me on the street!), and I'm thrilled to be bringing Piggy Straw back to life once more. 


This year, I'll be asking Father Christmas for a steam cleaner.

Raphael McAuliffe


Role in the Show: Mummy Pig, Bus Driver,          Big Bad Wolf


Other jobs with Story Storks 

Finding Sarah's pencils when she loses them, which is constantly!

I joined the cast of Story Storks for Princess Island at the Rose Theatre in 2017, and haven't looked back since.  With a background in musical theatre and comedy, I made my film debut in 2016 in 'Florence Foster' with Meryl Streep.  A proud Dad of two brilliant boys, Story Storks means I get the best of the two worlds I love – parenting and the stage. 


This year, I'll be asking Father Christmas for snow – A White Christmas.

Lisette Barlow - Sound and Stage Management


Lisette is a South West London local who has worked in a number of jobs over the years starting in TV, going via education and now back into theatre, both on and behind the stage in various guises and capacities! Lisette would say they are a jack of all trades and a master of none, but that comes in handy when being the Technical Manager at the Exchange Twickenham.


Lisette hopes that Santa will be bringing them a Ukulele, depends if Lisette finds themselves on the naughty or nice list. 

Matt Keywood - Lighting and vision mixing

Matt Keywood.jpg

Matt hails from the Island of Jersey, you might want to look that up on a map with a magnifying glass!  Matt studied a BA in Tech Theatre at St Mary’s.  Upon graduation, Matt worked at Jersey Opera house as a residential casual crew member and did a stint at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  We now find Matt working for St Mary’s as a theatre technician and helps at the Exchange as a lighting designer and stage technician - local legend and tea boy.


Matt hopes Santa will bring him guest towels and coasters for his new flat in Twickenham. 

Catherine Graham - Front of House Manager

Dog Outdoors

I have worked with Story Storks previously, and was thrilled when we figured out a way to work together again.  Their storytelling workshops have been really popular throughout the year, so being able to put a show on with them was something we were all looking forward to.  Their audiences are always gorgeous!  We're, of course, sad that you won't be able to join us in person this year, but we can't wait to welcome you all back at Easter.  


This year, I'll be asking for a big red bow for my gorgeous dog, Whistler.  He'll probably eat it, so I'll have to be fast taking a snap of him wearing it!

Ruby Penman - Marketing Manager

Round Glasses

It's been a tough year for a marketeer in theatre - there hasn't been too much to shout about.  However, The Three Little Christmas Pigs is such a fun story that it's going to be a great way to end the year, even if we did have to hop online.  I'm looking forward to working with Story Storks again in the future.  


This year, I'll be asking for a temperature controlled smart mug, so that my tea doesn't keep going cold!

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