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Premiere Dec 11th - 15th 2018

Arthur Cotterell Theatre, Kingston College, Kingston Hall Road, KT2 6AQ
Box Office - Rose Theatre Kingston | 020 8174 0090

The Christmas Crocodile tells the tale of Clara, her young family, and how a local legend was born with a little bit of Christmas Magic….and a Crocodile!

Story Synopsis

During World War 1 Sopwiths, the local aircraft factory, employed thousands of women to help make planes. But once the guns fell silent, the demand for aircraft fell and the women found themselves out of work.  Local legend has it that a group of these women didn’t want to return to the kitchen sink, so instead, they took the offcuts of wood left over from making the planes and created a pull along toy known as The Kingston Crocodile. The toys were then sold in Bentalls during Christmas 1919, marketed as “The Newest and Cleverest Mechanical Toy Ever Invented!”

The Christmas Crocodile takes this legend and turns it into a magical story for little ones to enjoy. We follow Clara and her young family as they navigate their way into peacetime with a big dollop of Christmas magic, a Crocodile that comes to life and most of all, their love for one another.

This show is full of fun, laughter, phonics, counting, dance, song, shapes, puppetry, a life-size plane and a story that will keep little ones and their grown-ups entertained for the whole hour. 

Running time: 1 hour
Ages : Recommended for 3 - 7yrs.  The show appeals to nurseries and schools due to the educational content of both the story and the show.  It covers literacy & language and mathematical elements of the EYFS, whilst fitting with the 'Toy's and 'Local History' themes as required by the National Curriculum.
Teachers pack: A comprehensive teachers pack accompanies this show.  
Space requirements: The Christmas Crocodile puppet is 3m in length, attached to a Go-Kart.  He requires a 5mx5m minimum playing area, with adequate wing space for him to leave the stage entirely.  
Tech requirements: Minimum tech requirements, with the ability to adapt to any standard theatre provision.
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