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Child Reading in the Grass


Every Early Years Child a Reader for Pleasure

What we do

Story Storks is an Early Years Theatre Company on a mission to help and inspire every Early Years child to become a reader for pleasure.  We do this by offering interactive storytelling workshops at The Exchange, Twickenham, and The Rose Theatre, Kingston, during school holidays as well as an annual theatre show.

We also work with local schools and nurseries as our storytelling is a super creative way to deliver the EYFS.

And if that wasn't enough, we also research local heritage stories and turn them into storytelling events that everyone can enjoy.  So far we've discovered that Kingston has it's own Crocodile as well as a Christmas Elf, and Dick Whittington didn't go via Highgate Hill - he came through Twickenham and Kingston on the river - no, we're not making it up!

Check out our What's On Page to see what we're going near you, and the Our Stories section of the website to see what magic we've found in the corners of the towns where you live!

How is all started

Me and the girls at Osterley Park.jpg

Story Storks was founded by Sarah Cantrill in August 2011, as the storytelling class that she'd wanted but been unable to find for her daughter.  

To begin with, the workshops were classes for parents to bring their children along to and experience a whole range of performing arts.  Once it became apparent that the story itself was helping to prepare children for reading, Sarah converted Story Storks to a social enterprise, started working with teachers to deliver workshops in schools and put her stories on the larger stage.

Sarah now undertakes research projects in order to advance the understanding of how the Performing Arts can enhance Early Years Literacy and Language development, in turn improving literacy outcomes for children in the UK.  In 2019, this work earned her an invitation to become a Fellow of the RSA. 

Sarah still writes all of the Story Storks stories, and now writes books for children too, using all the research and experience she has amassed during her time leading Story Storks to boost language and literacy skills for early years children.

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