We carried out extensive research into this and we can say with some certainty that he didn't just travel through Kingston.  

He probably stayed the night! 

Who is Dick Whittington?  Dick Whittington and his cat The History of Kingston Upon Thames

The story of Dick Whittington and his cat is told throughout Britain during Pantomime Season, but did you know he was a real person?  He was one of the richest and most celebrated Londoners of his day, and when he died he left his fortune to the people he loved the most - the people of London!

In the legend, it is said that he travelled through Highgate Hill on his journey from Gloucestershire.  We thought we'd just check that!  After some very highly academic research (we surprised ourselves with that), we discovered that he probably came through Kingston.

We think everyone, and especially Londoners should know both the legend and the real man, so we've put it all together for you here with some fun stuff for the kids, some hardcore research for history fans and a bit of something for everyone in between!  

We hope you enjoy it.

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A MASSIVE thank-you to the lovely people at the National Heritage Lottery Fund for awarding us the grant to explore this story and add it to The History of Kingston Upon Thames.


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