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17th to 22nd December 2022
The Exchange 

First, the blurb...!

Dick Whittington tells the traditional tale of Dick, and a whole lot more.  We learn the truth behind the legend, who he really was, how he really travelled to London (through Twickenham on a boat – no I’m not making it up!) and how his great deeds gave rise to the story that we still tell today.

Full of fun, laughter, phonics, counting, dance, song, shapes, puppetry and a flying cat, this interactive show is a magical blend of history and legend combined into beautiful storytelling.

And now the thing that makes this show really special...

IMG-0651 (2)_edited.jpg

Dick Whittington really did come through Twickenham!

Back in 2020 Story Storks completed a Heritage Lottery Fund project to investigate the route Dick Whittington, a real Londoner from medieval times, took to get to London.  Legend has it he came through Highgate Hill.

However, our research at the Bodleian Library in Oxford tells us that the story actually lives a lot closer to home.  

We've blended the real tale into our specially crafted version of the legend to bring this new piece of local history to every local, from 2 to 102! 

Tell me more!  I need details!!

The show is running from the 17th to the 22nd of December at The Exchange, Twickenham.  See the Exchanges website for exact times - there are performances in the morning and afternoon with lots of variety so hopefully, you'll find a time that suits you and your routine.  

You can book tickets online or call the lovely people in the box office on 020 8240 2399.

Tickets are £12 for adults and £10 for kids.  A group rate is available for groups of 10 or more.  All group bookings should call the box office rather than book online.  

The running Time is approx 60 mins.  It can vary by up to 5 mins either depending on how interactive the audience is.  

All performances are relaxed.  Strategic snacks are advised and will be on sale in the foyer!  We have a flexible auditorium space that we can use to help all kids enjoy the show.  Please talk to the front of house staff if you have any concerns about your child's ability to sit through a show.  We are an inclusive company, and are more than happy to look at adjustments.  

Our suggested age recommendation is 2+, but you know your own child best and if you think they'll be fine then you are more than welcome.  Nobody will be checking ID on the door! 


If in doubt, contact Sarah on or call 020 80902100 to discuss.  

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