Theatre in Early Years 

Our Ethos for conquering this unexplored frontier

The world of Early Years is the new frontier in Education.  It’s where innovation lives in the academic system, not only because of the staff who are attracted to teach in this area, but because of the nature of the children.  It’s not possible to sit a three year old down and teach them something academically because they lack the contextual understanding, and often the vocabulary, to be able to comprehend what they are being told.  Rather, they need to be immersed in their subject matter and allowed to absorb the information in their own way.  That information needs to be put into a context with which they are familiar.  Given that their world is mostly made up of their parents, siblings, grandparents and nursery, stories offer an infinite opportunity to create context upon which they can draw. 

Today I hosted a workshop which took the children through a story involving a broken home and eventually death – It was Snow White!  By wrapping these dark concepts within the safety of a story with which they are familiar, we were able to explore the emotions that go with them. 

Snow White Strip (2).jpg

I have a theory, which is yet to be disproved,  there is no subject matter that you can’t bring to an early years child, and gain their comprehension, through the means of storytelling.  I’ve brought ancient history to an audience that would never be able to get close to it because they can’t read Old English.  We’ve explored loss, loneliness, death, love and taught kids the meaning of the middle through The Three Bears. 


This year I’m taking on war.

The Innovators in Early Years Education have revealed how these young children interact with the world, and that science is fully transferable to the world of theatre.  There are innovative theatre companies out there, interacting with children on their level, but none of them are mainstream.  It’s an exciting field, full of creative potential which is currently untapped and under-resourced.  At Story Storks we are blending that science and creativity to produce theatre which is not just a nice story, but also thought provoking, moving, profound and fully accessible to the children in the audience. 

Our dream is that high quality, well resourced Theatre for Early Years Children becomes main stream.  That every major production house in the world creates their own original work to complement the book adaptations already available. 


We’re on the look out for partner organisations to help us bring that dream a step closer, so if you’d like to explore what we could do together then please don’t hesitate to contact us.