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A 1 hour theatre show specially written for children aged 3 - 7 years


Inspired by a local legend, the Christmas Crocodile tells the story of Clara Archer, a munitions worker in the Sopwith Aviation factory in Kingston Upon Thames. 


Local legend has it that after WW1, the demand for planes dried up, and some of the women didn't want to go back to the kitchen sink.  They started making toys from the offcuts of wood, one of which is The Kingston Crocodile who can still be found in Kingston Museum.  Bentalls then bought all the stock and sold it in their store during Christmas 1919.


Thanks to a Heritage Lottery Fund grant, we were able to fully research the legend behind the Kingston Crocodile.  Whilst we never managed to find the actual women who made it, we came across some amazing characters and some fantastic stories. 


Click HERE for more details on the local history that inspired the creation of The Christmas Crocodile. 






Clara and Ben Archer live in Kingston Upon Thames with their young children and Clara’s mother, and they are very happy.  But when Ben is called away to the war, Clara decides she needs to get a job, and so goes to work at the Sopwith Aviation Company.

The war ends, but Clara hears Ben is still missing.  Heartbroken, she sits and cries.  Her falling tears call the Christmas Crocodile, and they soon become friends.



The Christmas Crocodile inspires and helps Clara to make Crocodile toys to be sold in Bentalls.  Just as her plan is coming to life, Ben comes home. 

He wants life to go back to how it was, with Clara at home and Ben earning the money for the family.

But life has changed for Clara.  She loves her work as well as looking after her family.  She’s enjoyed doing both.

Can she still do both?

The Christmas Crocodile thinks she can!

The show premiered in Kingston Upon Thames 11th - 15th Dec 2018


There is a teachers pack that accompanies the show, and reflects the story unearthed by the Heritage Project.  



Currently, there are no scheduled theatre performances of this show, but we are able to come to your school and deliver interactive theatre workshops which tell this beautiful story with a great big dollop of local history. 


Contact us for more info.