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Cat in the Hat - go now!!

I have a new theatre crush! It's been a while since I've seen something that's blown my socks off enough to write about it, but today was that day. It even stopped my children from moaning temporarily - that in itself was worth the ticket price!

The set was just brilliant and so so clever - hats tipped to Isla Shaw. Not only was it a backdrop for the action, but it also helped to tell the story and bring an air of absolute madness to the whole thing.

But Suba Das, the Director, is the man to tip to twice. The show he's created is not only true to its source material, but shows a real understanding that kids theatre has to be more than bright colours and loud voices. His storytelling works on so many levels, not simply relying on dialogue to bring the story to an audience who are still building their vocabularies. The physical elements are sublime, and once Thing 1 and Thing 2 came on I was ready to get on a train to Leicester's Curve theatre and beg the man for a job!

The music is great too. Really great. The use of sound effects with movements had the kids hooked. I could go on and on. I won't, because my kids are back to moaning again so I need to bribe them with biscuits (which they didn't eat during the show because they loved it so much).

A special mention to Charley Magalit, who played the goldfish in the performance that we saw today. She has the best singing voice I've ever heard in a children's theatre show, and that's saying something coming from me. My standards are high!

The show is running until Sunday. It's recommended for 4+ but I would say that if you have a theatre savvy 3 year old they would be OK because there is so much visual to keep them happy. It's two short halves, so you don't get caught out with the "I need the toilet" trick as well. The man has thought of everything!

Story Storks are an Early Years Theatre Company on a mission to inspire every child in the UK to become a reader for pleasure. If this inspires you too, check out our website


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