"If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales.

If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales."  

Albert Einstein


Early Years Theatre workshops designed to help kids fall in love with stories 

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At Story Storks, we want to eradicate illiteracy for the next generation of kids. 

Not just eradicate it.  Make it history. 

The kind of history that we laugh at such as children working in factories or sweeping chimneys. 


But more than this, we want to inspire every child we come into contact with to become a reader for pleasure.  To want to pick up a book because they love stories.  To fall in love with adventures.  To know that books are guaranteed to take their head to places they couldn’t possibly dream of and have them desperate to get back there. 


So we did some research.  A lot of very scientific research on how to ensure that kids get to go on these adventures and what we found was quite simple.


Did you know that the work a grown-up does with a child in the first two years of their life will determine how easy they find it to read when they get to school?


Did you also know that there is a wealth of evidence out there that kids who become readers for pleasure perform better at exam time?  Whole grades better!


At Story Storks, we’ve taken all the science proven to turn your baby, toddler or pre-schooler into a reader and turned it into Theatre.  We don’t use flashcards.  We don’t hold up words, and we don’t read books.  Instead, we cunningly disguise language and literacy development in our adventures.              We climb BEANSTALKS, dance at the ball, play the blues with Foxy Loxy and sleep in Baby Bears’ bed!


We don’t teach children to read.  Instead, we build their language skills and help them to fall in love with stories because we’ve proven that those kids want, and are able, to read for themselves.  A child who is motivated to read is 90% of the way to a lifetime of magical adventures in the wonderful world of books.




"I love story storks and it brings out hidden confidence in children I think."

Surbiton Dad

"My daughter has participated in Story Storks sessions since she was 5 months old and has always loved them. She is captivated by the stories which are brought to life through music, song and dance."


Kingston Mum

Workshops are £7.50 each


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