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Creative History


Our interactive storytelling workshops are the perfect way to introduce local and national history to young children.


From the saxons through to modern history, our historically funny workshops bring to life the stories of the characters who lived through that time.


With teachers packs and further resources available, our workshops are a fun way of covering the history curricula, creating memories that will last a lifetime. 

for Early Years

& Key Stage 1

King Athelstan


This story follows the life of King Athelstan from boy to king.  Along the way we meet King Alfred the Great, Aunty Eathelflaed and fight off the Vikings to unite all the kingdoms of England.


A great way to introduce Saxons, and a lovely local history hook if you're school is near Kingston Upon Thames - he was crowned there! 


Learn The Heritage

The Christmas Crocodile

Despite the title, this story can be told all year round.   It Tommy Sopwith and the WW1 munitionettes.  As the war ends, the women who didn't want to go back to the kitchen sink made

'The Kingston Crocodile'


A lovely story (with a happy ending) about a National Hero, and how the people of Kingston were affected during the war.



Loving what you see?

     Our workshops are an hour long, cost £100 each and include a handling session with 

an artefact from the story


They are run by the class i.e. if you have two classes, book two workshops!


We can come to you, or you can come and see us at Kingston Museum or All Saints Church.


For more details and to discuss dates, call Sarah on 020 80 90 2100

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