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I'm super thrilled to announce that you can now attend an interactive Story Storks storytelling workshop without leaving your home! 


These workshops will be held over Zoom, a well-established video conferencing service which has been used for many years for distance education.  This means I'll be able to interact with the children, rather than simply show them a video of me dancing around my own front room whilst my kids die of embarrassment in the background!  It also gives me lot's of features as the host which means I'll still be able to maintain control of the room, all be it a virtual one.  

To recreate the workshops, I'm limiting the number of places to 10 children.  This will enable me to chat with them as the story goes without the session becoming too overwhelming.  They'll also be able to talk to me.  I'll have access to online shapes, videos, whiteboards and other whizzy stuff which I'll be able to use to enhance the educational content and the fun.  

Each workshop will begin with a quick whizz through the controls on Zoom before we head into our warm-up and madcap story adventure.  

See our What's On page for available workshops.  

Are you charging?
Yes - £3.50 per child.  Grown-ups get to join in for free.

If I book for siblings, do I pay for both kids?
Yes, but they can share a screen.  Or not.  Whatever works!  

What about siblings outside of the recommended age brackets?
Babes in arms (under 18 months) can join in with their siblings in the Mermaids & Pirates workshops free of charge.  Siblings aged 7yrs and over can join in the Pixies & Elves free of charge.  

Can I do it in my PJs?
Yes!  You just need to be wearing clothes.  If my diet keeps going well I'm going to wear my wedding dress! 

Check out our What's On page for the booking links, or click the button below.