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Piggy Straw, Piggy Sticks and Piggy Bricks live at home with Mummy Pig.  They keep eating all the food, so Mummy Pig tells them they need to go and find houses of their own.

They go off to build houses of Straw, Sticks and Brick.

But then, one day, a big bad wolf comes to town.  He blows down Piggy Straws' house.  He blows down Piggy Sticks' house.  Then he tried to blow down Piggy Bricks; house where all three pigs are hiding.  But he can't.  So he climbs up on the roof and clambers down the chimney.

There's nowhere else to run!  Is this the end for our little pigs?  Will somebody come to save them...

... or will they save themselves?

If you look closely at the picture below, there's a little clue that will prove to be a big buzzy help!  Can you spot it?

3pigs poster colour-01.jpg
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